Why is Ooh La Limited so…um…strange?

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
~ Dr. Seuss

A while ago one of the scrappers asked me a brilliant question: ‘Why do you have so few unmatched papers, in the Ooh La Limited range?’ I am so happy that she brought it up and feel that with the release of the next batch of designs, this is the perfect time to chat a little about the crazy in my head ;)

At this stage there are only a few designs in the Ooh La Limited range, and they all seem very different to each other in style. There is, however, some method to my madness…

I’m doing things slightly differently to the other paper suppliers. Most of the other suppliers do collections, where generally each collection consist of 6 or so papers, that work in conjunction with embellishments, stamps and so forth.

As you may know, the Basic Essentials range of papers offers you basic patterns & designs; dots, stripes, scripts, ginghams and so on. One can find these designs in a variation of colours and that is the magic word to my madness, COLOUR. All of the Lady Pattern Paper colours have carefully been selected to complement each other and easily work together.

Lady Pattern Paper - April 2017 - Colour Chart

The Ooh La Limited range will bring you non-basic designs in the same COLOURS as those available in the Basic Essentials range. I’m hoping this will give you the freedom to easily mix and match the limited designs with those everyday basics, in order to create your own unique layouts and cards. The Basic Essential range, this is a core range so most those designs will always be available (unless the design was not well received, but in such a case it will be discontinued and new basic design will take its place), to combine with any of the limited designs.
The idea is that in time as I add new designs in the basic COLOURS, you should be able to match them with Basic Essentials, and always have a fresh look. In-fact Basically Textured also uses the same colour range, so these can also be matched with any Basic Essentials, Ooh La Limited or even the ‘baby’ or ‘cutesie’, Twinkle Toes range, which uses 50% of the full colour to make it softer/lighter, but they can very easily be combined with all other ranges.

So there you have the plan…it’s all about the love of paper and COLOUR, of being fluid and creative without any boundaries!

Designer, Creator & Lover of Life!
Lady Pattern Paper stepped into the South African paper craft industry as a supplier in May 2015. Born from a dream by founder and proud owner Bernike Coetzee, to bring core designs, produced locally in an attempt to offer South Africans a little piece of homegrown goodness.
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