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When I first got to know about the new Lady Pattern Paper Oh my word! sticker sheets I was so excited to see the designs. With her quirky sense of humour, fabulous colour combos and gloriously local designs I was sure it would be nothing short of spectacular – and trust me they are. But I am sure by now you may have gotten your hands on a sheet or two and will know exactly what I am talking about… If not here is a little sneak of what I created with my sticker sheet this week.
Sticker Elements - So Happy Layout

I combined my Lady Pattern Paper with some other patterned papers for this layout, but the main feature is the sticker elements I added. I love how the stickers add wording and patterns to the layout in a subtle way.

Having said that, I know the purpose of a sticker is to make crafting quick and easy. After all having anything with an adhesive at the back is a bonus. But for me a sticker can look just like that – a sticker – very quickly and for that reason I alter my stickers a bit to make them look less, well, easy.

Sticker Elements - Always Wear Your Invisible Crown

Step 1

Carefully pull the sticker off of the sticker sheet.

Sticker Elements - Step 1

Step 2

Adhere the sticker to a piece of white cardstock. By adhering it to cardstock you make the sticker firmer and more substantial.

Sticker Elements - Step 2

Step 3

Cut around the edge and add some chalking around the edges to hide any cutting marks.

Sticker Elements - Step 3

Now adhere the sticker elements to your layout using double sided tape or adhesive.

For me adding stickers to a firmer white base turns them into a cardstock element with a bit more weight and substance. It turns an ordinary sticker into an embellishment with punch.

I don’t do this with all my stickers, for instance the pink XO border strip I used directly onto my layout. For this border I did not need it to be thicker or firmer, only to act as a base for layering other elements onto. So instead I used it as is, but tore it in half so that only used what I needed for my design.

Sticker Elements - Little Heart

To pull the red of my photos through I used the red heart stickers on either side of the layout. These are perfect tucked underneath some flowers or grouped tightly with other elements. I love how the stickers made my layout quick and easy with a special touch – matching my patterned papers perfectly.

I have so many stickers left over for loads more cards and layouts.

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