Sew On Paper? Yes! Here’s A Step By Step : Sewn Bunny Art

This week I decided to use one of my favourite Lady Pattern Paper papers as a backdrop to a piece of sewn art. It can be popped into a frame or simple stuck to a wall using masking tape for an artistic look and feel.
Sew on Paper - Sewn Bunny Art

Once again it goes to show how versatile this range of papers really are – you can do anything you can think off with it.

Here’s how I created this cute little furry friend…

Step 1

Print a bunny outline onto unprinted newspaper. I did a search on the internet and manipulated the images into something simpler.

Sew on Paper - Step 1

Step 2

Lightly tack the image onto your patterned paper background using a sticky square that is not permanent.

Sew on Paper - Step 2

Step 3

Use black thread in your sewing machine and sew on the lines all around the bunny. Add more sewing onto the shadow lines to create dimension.

Sew on Paper - Step 3

Step 4

Once you are done swing, carefully start tearing away the paper around the image. The sewing will stay behind and also leave some of the paper intact.

Sew on Paper - Step 4

Step 5

Keep tearing away at the paper until you are happy with the look.

Sew on Paper - Step 5

Step 6

And there you have a beautiful sewn bunny. I left some of the paper intact as it created a beautiful vintage feel, and even glued down some more torn off bits using a glue stick.

Sew on Paper - Step 6

TIP: even though my printed lines are still visible that does not bother me – if it does then print in a very light shade of grey that won’t be visible at all.

And if you don’t have a sewing machine, why not be really creative:

  1. you can sew it by hand using embroidery thread
  2. you can print directly onto your background paper and use markers to draw on the printed outline
  3. you can use your Silhouette to creatively draw the image several times onto the background paper

…so there are many other ways to use your Lady Pattern Paper and any image you want to creatively sew on paper to make your own artworks. Happy creating!

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