I have often looked at bead necklaces and loved how the funky beads are just the kind of eclectic that speaks to me. So today I decided to use my paper scraps and make some proper rolled paper beads, but instead of using them on a necklace I added them to a single page layout to add some colour and dimension, with the necessary eclectic added of course.
Rolled Paper Beads - Layouts

To dress up my beads, I added some vintage glaze over them to give them an aged look, but also to protect them should I decide to use them for a necklace for instance. Then I added some scattered gold pearls inside the beads just for a fun twist. I love how they turned out.

Here’s how I did it:

Step 1

Cut various strips of patterned paper. I let the width of the barcode strip guide me, but also used some wider strips of paper. I mostly kept the length to the standard Lady Pattern Paper which is 12”.

Rolled Paper Beads - Step 1

Step 2

Start rolling the paper strips around something like a paintbrush. You can also use a quilling tool but you need to roll the strips so you have an opening in the centre.

Rolled Paper Beads - Step 2

Step 3

Use a small amount of glue and adhere the end of the paper strip to the rolled bead. Let the glue set for a few seconds to make sure it has a secure grip.

Rolled Paper Beads - Step 3

Step 4

Carefully paint a thin layer of vintage medium/glaze over your beads and let them dry.

Rolled Paper Beads - Step 4

Then adhere your beads to your layout and add the additional pearls inside using dimensional glaze as an adhesive. Or string them onto t-shirt yarn for a fun and funky necklace that you can wear this holiday season without any worries of losing it, or wear and tear.

These rolled paper beads will be the perfect beach accessory flaunting your favourite Lady pattern Paper designs.

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