Making A Framed Paper Hoop

Making decorations for a little girl’s room can be tough when they are between that awkward stage of all grown up and not so grown up. I decided to make a little something for my niece’s room – she loves purple and blue and a little neutral couldn’t hurt to balance all that bright cerise pink – if you know what I mean. Yes she has a bright sparkly personality and her room matches!
Making A Framed Paper Hoop - Embossed Paper

Of course Lady Pattern Paper with her beautiful neutrals had to come to the rescue – and what a perfect match they are.

I started off by adding some tone on tone embossed patterned paper to an embroidery hoop and then filled it with a focal point framed image and some soft and feminine decorative elements. I love tone on tone and you can hardly ever go wrong with such a combination.

Step 1

Mix some embossing paste and buff acrylic paint together for the tone on tone look. I just happened to have the perfect paint colour to work with the So Buff patterned paper.

Making A Framed Paper Hoop - Step 1

Step 2

Apply the paste through a stencil of your choice using a palette knife.

Making A Framed Paper Hoop - Step 2

Step 3

Set the paper aside and let the stencilling dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Making A Framed Paper Hoop - Step 3

Step 4

Turn your stencilled paper over and mist lightly with water to make the paper mouldable.

Making A Framed Paper Hoop - Step 4

Step 5

Place the paper over the outside frame and press the inside smaller frame on top of the paper making sure not to tear the wet paper. (The inside frame needs to sit tight). You can adjust the frame at the top to accommodate the tightness of the frame or loosen it up as needed.

TIP: Wetting the paper will help to sandwich the paper in between the two frames.

Making A Framed Paper Hoop - Step 5

Step 6

Trim off any paper overlapping the frame at the back using scissors.

Making A Framed Paper Hoop - Step 6

Step 7

And there you have a beautifully framed piece of tone on tone patterned paper. This will look perfect as is without any decorations on a wall grouped with some other framed art.

Making A Framed Paper Hoop - Step 7

Tone on tone embossing and textures can work for any colour, turning a piece of paper in something truly classy, timeless and stunning – so go on and try your hand at it turning your favourite Lady Pattern Paper into something special and unique!

…and there you have it making a framed paper hoop in 7 easy steps!

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