Kirsten’s Our House Mini Album

What a versatile range! My favourite part was the fussy cut elements, from the beautiful gumboot with flowers for the gardeners, to the apron which is perfect for the people who love to cook and bake like me!

I decided to use the paper for my lockdown photos. I started with a calendar on the first page where I marked the different dates that we were under the lockdown levels. In the pocket behind, I will print the rules that applied to each lockdown.

Our House - Mini Album - Facemask
Our House - Mini Album - Sewing Machine
Our House - Mini Album - Calendar
Our House - Mini Album - Let's Cook
Our House - Mini Album - Apron
Our House - Mini Album - Flutters
Our House - Mini Album - Blue Butterfly
Our House - Mini Album - Crafter's Paradise
Our House - Mini Album - Boot
Our House - Mini Album - Pretty Flowers

The first few pages are about the beginning and main part of the hard lockdown where everyone had to stay at home. I included a giant apron where I will put some photos of the cooking and baking I did.

The rest of the album will be filled with photos of when the lockdown was eased – being allowed to go on walks with the dogs was one of the best things at the time!

The end of the album will be photos of family and friends as we were allowed out to visit and go to the dam for picnics.

Lockdown was extremely hard on many people, and this album is just my personal reminder of how it felt to be in lockdown, and remind me how important family and friends are, and to never take seeing them for granted!

I also love the masks and chipboards in the Our House range. When I place the photo’s I will decide where I want to include these. The chipboard titles are also great to replace the “Lockdown 2020” title I used and then the album could be used for almost anything!!

I will be selling the notes to make this album – please watch my Facebook page for details!

The Our House Scrapbooking Collection

We love Kirsten’s Our House Mini Album! Let us know what you think, follow us on social media to comment and share :)

Inspiration Design Team
The way that I got introduced to Kirsten’s work was really by great chance! Kirsten was a winner of one of our prizes at the SA National Scrapbook Day, she created a beautiful Little Monsters album, which simply took my breath away – in short, it was love at first sight ;) Read more here »
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