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Framed Irish Blessings – making a clover using your die-cuts

I have never really been a big St Patrick’s Day fan – let’s be honest green is not really my colour and well that whole pot of gold and leprechaun thing… Anyways that been said I am a fan of their beautiful Irish blessings. So in celebration I made this framed piece of art using a few of my die-cuts and a printed quote from my Silhouette.
Framed Irish Blessings - Art

Using products I have in my stash already for different things is quite important to me so when this heart and flower die-cut together formed the perfect combination to create a four leaf clover I was delighted.

Here’s how…

Step 1

Die-cut four hearts out of green Lady Pattern Paper for the leaves.

Framed Irish Blessings - Step 1

Step 2

Die-cut a dandelion for the stem.

Framed Irish Blessings - Step 2

Step 3

Cut off stem of the dandelion that will form the stem of the clover.

Framed Irish Blessings - Step 3

Step 4

Combine your die-cut elements to form your four leaf clover.

Framed Irish Blessings - Step 4

Step 5

Open the quote you want to use in your Silhouette software.

Framed Irish Blessings - Step 5

Step 6

Open the style menu and click on the ‘fill colour’. Select the colour you want your quote to be printed in. Then click inside the lines.

Framed Irish Blessings - Step 6

Step 7

Click on the ‘line colour’ and make the line colour the same as the fill colour.

Framed Irish Blessings - Step 7

Step 8

Make sure that your page size is correct before sending it to your printer.

Framed Irish Blessings - Step 8

Print the quote onto white cardstock.

Colour a large background piece of watercolour paper using ink and paint.

Adhere the quote to the coloured paper and sew around the edge.

Adhere the die-cut elements to form your four leaf clover in the top right hand corner. Insert into a frame and enjoy.

Framed Irish Blessings - Clover

Display the Irish blessings in your home combined with some other fun green elements…hopefully they’ll bring you some good luck!

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Inspiration Design Team
If you’ve been in the paper craft world for more than a second, you’ve probably heard the name Jowilna Nolte. Jowilna is one of the most talented people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! This phenomenal woman is an artist, photographer, author and teacher who seems to be on a mission of creation and inspiration… Read more here »

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Suzete D'Aguiar Christodoulo
The smooth back paper is lovely. The shimmer paper has some seriously gorgeous colours. They cut well. Good delivery... too. Thanksread more
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Mehjabeen Rawoot-Parker
Exemplary service and incredibly innovative products!! This is the ultimate playground for the creative mind! 🤩
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Leonora Anne Summerford
beautiful soft pastel papers esp for girl pages
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Melanie Neveling
Ek is gaande oor die papier!!!
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Love this paper so much. Lovely to work with and be creative.
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John Kurt de Lange
Excellent quality and beautiful designs! Local is lekker 😁🇿🇦
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Estelle De Wit Hamilton
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LOVE it...the vibrant colours, the matching patterns..the Quality!
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Erika Slabbert
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