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Sometimes creating layouts to match a specific photo doesn’t always work out the way you planned. Since scrapbooking is such a creative thing, I don’t think that it should ever be a crisis when things don’t match perfectly. But for those who need things to match just a little bit (like me) there is always a solution.
Inspired By Patterned Paper - Thank You Layout

I created this layout even before I had the photo printed, but once it was printed I found that my paper choices were a bit off, but I could always make a plan. I wanted to use the ‘fabulous day’ sticker from the Lady Pattern Paper sticker sheet, and so I added some yellow ink to my background to pick up the colour from the sticker. But that did not solve my problem regarding the photo, so what to do?

Well I simply coloured some white cardstock and stamped stars onto the now blue cardstock to pick up the blues in the photo. I now had all my colours and elements drawn together to for a beautiful layout that works. The star stamp picks up on the quirky star of the sticker and the colours throughout the layout work really well with the colours from the photo.

Inspired By Patterned Paper - Fabulous Day Sticker

So you see, there is always a plan to be made – as long as you have some inks, stamps and pretty Lady Pattern Paper – you will always be able to create something beautiful

Here’s how I created my star elements

Step 1

Mist white cardstock with water and then drop some All Purpose ink in blue onto the wet cardstock. Let it run and then leave it to dry thoroughly.

Inspired By Patterned Paper - Step 1

Step 2

Stamp the star image in grey onto the coloured cardstock and cut them out.

Inspired By Patterned Paper - Step 2

Step 3

Stamp the same star image onto some So Buff Lady Pattern Paper and cut out.

Inspired By Patterned Paper - Step 3

Adhere the stars onto the layout scattered to form a visual triangle – pulling the theme and colours of the layout together to form a pleasing end product.

As easy as 1 2 3 and you’ll get inspired by patterned paper!

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