Happy Birthday To Me…Really? Already!…Oh and New Kraft Essentials

Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT!
~ Dr. Seuss

How time flies…

Exactly one year ago on the 29th of May 2015, I released the very first Lady Pattern Paper products! Oh the butterflies that morning…I had no clue how people would respond or if this ‘basics’ idea would even work in our local market! Of course the actual preparation started months before the release date, so by the time the the actual release happened I was running on pure adrenalin! One thing has not changed, and that is that every single release leaves me feeling a type of excitement that not much else can match (and of course the dead sleep that follows..ha-ha!).
It’s been such an exhilarating year, and so much has happened! Basic Essentials, Oh my word! Sticker Sheets, Kraft Essentials and over and above all of that, meeting some of the most amazing people in the world!!! I’d like to thank each and every one of you for the part that you’ve played in my journey, I feel blessed beyond words…

One Year - Bokkie & Akira

*No animals were hurt in the taking of this picture. There might have been a slight bit of ego bruising. This however, was swiftly rectified by the handing out of extra treats! Thanks to my gorgeous daughter, Akira, and little miss Bokkie for posing so sweetly. Our cat, Yuzu, refused …have you ever tried putting a hat on a cat?

The NEW Kraft Essentials

It’s with great excitement that I introduce the second batch of Kraft Essentials! Two new colours, THAT Pink & Feeling Blue, felt like the perfect evolution from where the range started. Look out for the popular Script, Sheet Music and Little Star designs, as well as a new incorporation to the Lady Pattern Paper core basic designs: Sweetheart. I’m excited to see your ‘girly-heartsy’ and ‘starry-boy’ projects, as well as more romantic, classic and everything in between paper craft projects.

2 New Paper Packs

The new paper packs are perfect for those who simply must have at least 2 of each paper design!
The Kraft Essentials Paper Pack, gives you 2 each of the designs in this range, plus 6 plain Kraft heavy weight papers, that’s a total of 30 (!!!), giving you hours of crafting bliss! Have fun creating your own mini mailers, with the bonus mailer template included in the pack.
Are you sitting down? Mix & Match Script Pack…yes you guessed correctly, this pack holds 2 of every single script colour from both the Basic Essentials & Kraft Essentials ranges! As a bonus you’ll find 11 English and Afrikaans script sentiments, on a perforated cardstock strips. There’s a script for every mood!

*The Kraft Essentials range is 100% locally manufactured from recycled paper and may contain traces of acid (but so do your fingers!).

Designer, Creator & Lover of Life!
Lady Pattern Paper stepped into the South African paper craft industry as a supplier in May 2015. Born from a dream by founder and proud owner Bernike Coetzee, to bring core designs, produced locally in an attempt to offer South Africans a little piece of homegrown goodness.
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