Jowilna’s Clever Envelope Sampler Board

I am always looking for ways to make my creative life simpler and prettier. With all the new Lady Pattern Paper designs and colours available I was struggling to keep track of all the different colours, so made myself a pretty little sampler board that can be hung in my creative space as a quick visual showing me colours and patterns at a glance.
Jowilna's Envelope Sampler Board

Step 1

Die-cut a set of envelopes on the Silhouette machine using all the different colours and patterns of paper.

Step 2

Assemble the envelops by folding them on the score lines and adhere the edges using Tombow adhesive.

TIP: You can keep to a single design or style of envelope or change things up and use a variety of patterns and designs but keeping to a single shape.

Step 3

Decorate the envelopes using embellishments, stamping, rub-ons, flowers and anything you have at hand.


I combines a variety of flowers together on a single envelope for a fun look. Felt leaves, paper flowers and a plastic flower embellishment help add dimension and the different textures adds lots of interest.

Envelope Sampler Board - Flowers


What better way to dress up my board than incorporating Lady Pattern Paper stickers? Inked edges of my sticker makes it blend into the background and a single flower was used as supporting act make this a simple yet effective grouping.

Envelope Sampler Board - Stickers

Fabric Sraps

Fabric scraps and beautiful decorative pins make fun elements to combine with paper. Tuck a pin through a scrap piece of fabric and then adhere the square to and envelope.

Envelope Sampler Board - Fabric Sraps

Flocked Rub-Ons

A sticky rub-on added to my envelope and then dressed up with a layer of black flocking. Simple and yet so effective!

Envelope Sampler Board - Flocked Rub-Ons

Sticker Grouping

Another Lady Pattern Paper sticker, but this time grouped with a heart embellishment, more flowers and sits next to a beaded chain element on the following envelope that also adds to the grouping. Visually this forms a beautiful completed grouping that acts as a single visual element.

Envelope Sampler Board - Sticker Grouping

Stray Buttons

Stray buttons are my best. Here I used a button of a denim jean adhered to my envelope made to look like a closure for the envelope. Little details like these can be achieved so easily with things that you have in your stash already.

Envelope Sampler Board - Stray Buttons

Why not try making your own envelope sampler board for your creative space, child’s bedroom, nursery or play room. These can be so much fun and can be a lovely learning board for your kids too. And Lady Pattern Paper is the perfect backdrop of colour and patterns for this fun and vibrant project.

Made with love!

Inspiration Design Team
If you’ve been in the paper craft world for more than a second, you’ve probably heard the name Jowilna Nolte. Jowilna is one of the most talented people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! This phenomenal woman is an artist, photographer, author and teacher who seems to be on a mission of creation and inspiration… Read more here »
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