Eat, Love, Pray – Cariena’s Our House Layout

We absolutely adore Cariena’s Our House layout! Her combination of images ties in so beautifully with the Eat, Love, Pray title. And just look at how beautifully she created texture by using cobble-stones from the Picket Fence stencil.
Cariena's Our House Layout
Our House - Cariena's Layout - Pray
Our House - Cariena's Layout - Coffee
Our House - Cariena's Layout - Path
Our House - Cariena's Layout - Eat, Love, Pray
Our House - Cariena's Layout - Wellie
Our House - Cariena's Layout - Cactus
Please let us know what you think of the Our House Layout created by Cariena from Scrapbook Studio’s layout in the comments below.

The Our House Scrapbooking Collection

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Inspiration Design Team
I’ve been blessed, a couple of times, with the opportunity of working with the energetic, ever smiling, fireball that is Cariena Basson! She runs her super popular shop (Scrapbook Studio), arranges events on an incredible scale and still has time for her passion of paper crafts, family and more! How lucky am I to have the Cariena on the design team, once a month, where she will be sharing videos posts with us… Read more here »
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