Blue Mondays…Not So Much With Dazzling Blue Paper

It was a Monday morning when things were well – let’s just say not going my way. So what to do…well creating something to show Monday that even if it is blue, I will make blue work in my favour.
Dazzling Blue Paper - Tag

I decided to just randomly create something. So I grabbed everything blue on my desk, which was pretty much consisted out of Dazzling Blue Fency paper scraps, washi tape, a few tags and other bits and pieces.

Step 1

The blue paper and washi tapes were adhered to my tag using 5cm wide double sided tape. I simply wanted to get rid of the tape roll that was almost empty but not quite.

Dazzling Blue Paper - Tag - Step 1

So I used the tape and chucked the empty roll….just to pull it out of my bin – it fits around my arm how cool.

Yes I get distracted really quickly, Dori.

So I used gel medium and adhered some Fency paper to the empty roll, once dry sanded the edges and had a cool blue roll.

I printed some cigar bands and stamps for another project (in blue) so I started cutting those up and adhered them to the blue roll….which by now was turning into a bangle.

Dazzling Blue Paper - Bangle

Oh look, my tag, so I…

Step 2

Added some texture paste through a stencil and left that to dry.

Dazzling Blue Paper - Tag - Step 2

Step 3

Cut some cigar bands and adhere them to the tag.

Dazzling Blue Paper - Tag - Step 3

Step 4

Colour a chipboard heart and adhere to the tag over a piece of thread. Add some flowers and diamante and a layer of dimensional glaze to the heart.

Dazzling Blue Paper - Tag - Step 4

And while the glaze on my tag was drying I added some ribbons to my bangle and walked around with it the whole day.

Dazzling Blue Paper - Bangle Upcycled

In the end a blue day was turned into a good day, simply because I got distracted by all the cool and use-able things around me…which started with a piece of blue paper, Dazzling Blue paper that is!

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