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Step by Step Christmas Mini Album

Please note that you can create any colour combinations using any range of Lady Pattern Paper papers for your mini album. Also, depending on how many photos you have to use in this album, you can create more or less pages as required. This is a basic pattern…Make it your own!
Christmas Mini Album

Step 1

Mini Album - Step 01

Step 2

These are the left overs from cutting out your pages.
They will be used as “belly bands” Cut them down to the sizes hereunder:

Mini Album - Step 02

Score the Kraft strip 4/8″ or 1cm in from each end this gets glued behind the page to create the belly band.

Step 3

Cut more of your favourite colours to these sizes:

Mini Album - Step 03
Mini Album - Step 04
Mini Album - Step 05

Step 4

Cut out the template that comes with the Kraft Essentials paper pack.

Mini Album - Step 06

Step 5

Using a 1″ circle punch cut half a circle out of the pocket.

Mini Album - Step 07

Step 6

Now trace your pattern onto the left over paper.

Mini Album - Step 08

Step 7

Ink the edges of all your paper in a colour of your choice.

Step 8

Cut a strip 6,6/8″ x 12″
You will get 6 page spines. If you need more pages, you repeat this and glue them together.

To make your spine follow the markings in red on this score board.

Fold each line back and forth. Then place double sided tape or glue next to the narrowest line each time.

This way the narrowest line becomes your gusset.

The middle score line between the narrow strips is the fold line…

Mini Album - Step 22
Mini Album - Step 23

When you are done, it should look like this!

Mini Album - Step 25

If this is as clear as mud…Google: “hinged spine mini album instructions” and tons of videos will pop up…

Gluing instructions:

To put your album together, stack your pages as you want them, in the right order with the pages facing each other as they would in a book. You should have the pack of each page facing each other too…

Using glossy accents or good quality double sided tape (cheap tape does not hold for years…) Now glue the pages that are back to back together, leaving the spine side open.

Once you have glued all your pages you will now glue them to the spine.

Place glue along the spine down to the “Hinge” slip the page over the fold of the spine down to the hinge. Hold this in place till it dries. (Hinge is shown on the previous page)

Do this for each page.

Mini Album - Step 26

Glue these two pages together and continue in this pattern till all the pages are done.

Creating your cover:

Using Chipboard cut 2 pieces 14cm x 18,5cm 7,2/8″ x 5,4/8″ For the spine you need to measure your spine of your pages.

Lay the chipboard out with a 5mm or 1/8″ gap between them. This will become your hinge.

Using a piece of plain fabric, Cut it 1″ or 2cm larger than your chipboard

Cut a second piece of fabric 1cm or 4/8″ smaller than the chipboard.

Mini Album - Step 27

Using gel medium cover the chipboard from edge to edge and lay it back on the fabric.

Mitre the corners of your surrounding fabric and glue them inside the cover.

Mini Album - Step 28

Now glue the smaller piece of fabric over the top of the inside cover.

Bend your hinges and make sure it sticks.

Give the whole cover a good rub to make sure there are no air bubbles.

Allow this to dry naturally.

Mini Album - Step 29

Place glue only on the flaps…Glue your flaps inside your covers.

Cover the inside covers with paper of your choice.
5,1/8″ x 7″ or 13.5cm x 17.5cm

Mini Album - Step 30

Suggested Photo Sizes:

  • Jumbo Portrait 4″ x 6″
  • Quarter Jumbo Portrait 2″ x 3″
  • Half Jumbo Portrait 4″ x 3″
  • Half Jumbo Landscape 4″ x 3″
  • Quarter Jumbo Landscape 2″ x 3″

You can use a 5″ x 7″ photo, but that will take the whole page!

Christmas Mini Album Cover

Now decorate your cover and the rest of your mini album. Stamp, sick and embellish to your heart’s content.

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Inspiration Design Team
I’ll never forget the first time I saw one of Belinda’s projects. It was mixed media, it was steampunk, it was layered, inked & exceptionally unique. For me, it was love at first sight. I have since followed Belinda’s work and have been amazed at the sheer talent, from paper crafts to modern art to mixed media installations of gigantic proportions! Belinda is an artist, a teacher and above all, she’s down to earth with a heart of pure gold… Read more here »


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