Basic Essentials Version 2 Is Here

Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory.
~ Dr. Seuss

I’m thrilled to introduce the second instalment of Basic Essentials. The idea behind this core range is basic colours & designs for your everyday paper craft needs! You will find 3 brand new colours; Green Chartreuse, Red Pop & Onyx Black, as well as a slightly upgraded version of the ‘oh-so-versatile’ So Buff. I’m hoping that you will have hours of creative delight with the 3 new versatile designs; Little Star, Moroccan Trellis and Damask, while the increasingly popular Script & Sheet Music in new colours are sure to fulfil your paper cravings! I truly hope that my paper will inspire you as much as I was inspired while creating them! You can see ALL the Basic Essentials here »

Colour & Design

Paper fashions come and go, but Basic Essentials are here to stay! This is the idea, these designs are basic & essential and should work well together with all the limited collections of fashion paper ranges. I would LOVE to hear from you! Please let me know what you think is missing, what would you’d like to see more of or in which colours.

Lady Pattern Paper - Onyx Black

Local is Lekker!

Being local and supporting local is very dear to my heart! My Mother always tells stories about how everything was produced locally and how much better the quality was back then. I believe that we need support our local industry more and by doing so we will get back to that same level of quality. I love the fact that the paper that I use has been produced at a local paper mill that is ‘woodfree’, ‘acid-free’ and ‘elemental chlorine-free’. This makes the paper not only Acid-Free but also locally produced…needless to say, according to Mom’s theory, it’s excellent quality!

Lady Pattern Paper - Basic Essentials - Combo

Thank you…

This is a big moment for me and soon it will be a memory. Therefore I’d love to take a moment and THANK YOU! Thanks to those who have supported me thus far and thanks to those who believe in me. I hope that the moment introducing Basic Essentials Version 2 is the start of many more memories together…

Designer, Creator & Lover of Life!
Lady Pattern Paper stepped into the South African paper craft industry as a supplier in May 2015. Born from a dream by founder and proud owner Bernike Coetzee, to bring core designs, produced locally in an attempt to offer South Africans a little piece of homegrown goodness.
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