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PAWFECT Brag Book Mini Album

Show me a fur-mommy or daddy who does not like to brag about their babies and I’ll eat my words. I’m loving this gorgeous PAWFECT ๐Ÿพ Brag Book Mini Album and dog house holder box that Suzanne created to inspire…

Wild Africa Travel Suitcase & Mini Album

Suzanne created a gorgeous 3D project using the Wild Africa collection. What a wonderful way to preserve your travel memories! We love everything about the Wild Africa travel suitcase & mini-album โค๏ธ Do you also enjoy creating 3D projects? Let…
Academia Explosion Box Album

Academia Explosion Box with Instructions by Suzanne

We’re delighted to share Suzanne’s Academia Explosion Box with you! What a fun way to honour a memory – not to mention the fun you’ll have creating your own. Scroll down for Suzanne’s detailed instructions for making the box. ENJOY!…
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