As soon as I saw the Always and Forever range, I just fell in love! My grandfather has a 1974 VW Beetle and I keep telling him that he is not allowed to sell it until I get married as I need to have it for my wedding photos…so these are the PERFECT papers to make a wedding album for when I get married!

I decided to make a box album with a metal catch to keep it closed – I felt like it just added to the magical feel of opening a fairytale.

On the first page, I made two accordion pockets that I will use to keep things like the wedding invitation, the menu, copies of the vows, special wedding cards, etc.

The second double page I dedicated to the bride, and the third double page to the groom. These could be used for photos of the bride/groom, bridesmaids/groomsmen, dress/suit, hair, etc.

The next pages I just made as general as possible to add any pictures.

On the back page, I fussy cut the little envelope and decided to use that to keep a memory stick (USB). Often photographers give all the photos on a memory stick and I just thought it would be a nice idea to keep it together with the album so that I wouldn’t lose it in a “safe place”! Another option would be to use a QR code if the photographer uploaded the photos to the cloud.

I did make the album with page inserts for any additional pictures to be added and decorated with the left-over paper.

I will be making notes for the Always and Forever wedding album – you can email or keep an eye on my Facebook page for more info.

Always and Forever Collection

We’re in love with Kirsten’s Always and Forever Wedding Album! Let us know what you think, follow us on social media to comment and share :)

Inspiration Design Team
The way that I got introduced to Kirsten’s work was really by great chance! Kirsten was a winner of one of our prizes at the SA National Scrapbook Day, she created a beautiful Little Monsters album, which simply took my breath away – in short, it was love at first sight ;) Read more here »
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